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        Magnolia Residences
        Magnolia Residences
        Robinsons Land Robinsons Land Magnolia Residences Magnolia Residences Robinsons Land Magnolia Residences Quezon City
        4,300,000 & Up PHP
        Quezon City
        Condominium   1 BR, 3 BR
        N Domingo St , Quezon City , Metro Manila PH Magnolia Residences Robinsons Land Magnolia Residences Magnolia Residences Robinsons Land Magnolia Residences Quezon City
        The Celandine Residences
        The Celandine Residences
        DMCI DMCI The Celandine Residences The Celandine Residences DMCI The Celandine Residences Quezon City
        2,200,000 & Up PHP
        Quezon City
        Condominium   1Br, 2Br, Tandem
        A. Bonifacio Avenue , Quezon City , Metro Manila PH The Celandine Residences DMCI The Celandine Residences The Celandine Residences DMCI The Celandine Residences Quezon City
        Vine Residences
        Vine Residences
        SMDC SMDC Vine Residences Vine Residences SMDC Vine Residences Quezon City
        2,400,000 & Up PHP
        Quezon City
        Condominium   2 BR
        Brgy. San Bartolome, Novaliches, , Quezon City , Metro Manila PH Vine Residences SMDC Vine Residences Vine Residences SMDC Vine Residences Quezon City
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        These are homes found in the magnificent Quezon City. This developed, fast-paced city, the city that never sleeps, offers quite comfortable homes. The spacious homes full of both the contemporary and ancient tastes leaves me with no other choice but to praise the city. Quezon stands gracefully and towering high amidst other cities.

        History of Quezon City
        How will you understand the picture that I am trying to create in your mind if you do not know of the magnificent Quezon's history? Before the city was created, Quezon land was initially a settlement of small unproductive towns. President Quezon, the man with an insatiable zeal to bring development, purchased the land to make it the national capital. The city was then created in 1937 and then named after the President. The Metro Manila was established and Quezon city became one of the seventeen cities that make up the Metro Manila. Quezon was then the national capital but the capital was later transferred to Manila city. The city was like a mustard seed planted and watered by His Excellency President Quezon and now it's a big tree protecting the city from the scorching sun. It's inclusion to the legendary Metro Manila continues adding taste to its history.

        Political Dimension of Quezon City
        The political dimension of an area highly influences our decision of whether or not to live in that area. Straighten up and relax, I know you cannot dare live in an area that is politically unstable because of issues like insecurity; Quezon is as peaceful as that unborn baby when it is not kicking. Quezon is divided into several districts for administration purposes and the districts are politically stable.

        Quezon is highly populated with a population of over two and a half million people. It's this serious. It is one of the seventeen cities that make up the magnificent Metro Manila. It also happens to be the largest in terms of land area so, yeah if you want to vie for a political seat here, brace yourself for the huge area you will have to cover when campaigning.Quezon city was initially the national capital of Philippines thus it has quite a large number of government offices.

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        Quezon City’s Economy
        This busy, bustling city boasts of a booming economy. Quezon City is one of the richest cities in Metro Manila and when I say richest, I mean richest and not a city that is on the brink of collapsing economically but the administrators covering up the mess like they usually do. It is popular because of its stability economically and as a former national capital, Quezon is highly developed in all aspects just as you guessed. The means of transportation in this city are modern day means of transportation with the roads highly developed. This highly contributes to the economic growth of the city.
        There are modern day commercial centers in Quezon city. Commercial buildings stretch all over the central business district. The world-renowned Araneta Centre is the mother of shopping malls that are found in this city. This is probably where you should come get all the stuff that you need. Restaurants, entertainment joints and bars and clubs are many in Tomas Morato Avenue. As the city is touristy, tourist attraction sites contribute to the growth of this city. There are many places to visit as a tourist both as a local; it's not bad to promote your own country, or a foreign tourist. Some organizations' headquarters lie in Quezon city for instance the Mercury Drug Cooperation, IBM Philippines and Citibank Philippines. The Eastwood City is where most headquarters are found since it acts as a business district.Some of the communication systems that serve Philippines are based in Quezon City. This shows how this city's economy is doing well.

        Education is a major social aspect that not influences the growth a country's economy but also our own growth. This why educational institutions have been set up by the government and private investors in the city. This means that there are both private and public schools in the city. The educational institutions run from preschool to higher education institutions that is, universities and colleges.Quezon being a highly urbanized city, the education institutions found there are quite appealing and satisfying. There are major education institutions in this city that have all the necessary facilities for instance well equipped libraries, science laboratories, theaters and play area for the children as playing is very important for children's growth. Different schools provide different education systems thus all the parents are catered for. Quezon is also home to international schools for instance Ateneo de Manila University which has level IV accreditation, Benedictine International School which provides exceptionally quality education to its students and Britesparks International School which has state-of-the-art facilities in the school.Some of the private schools include Marian School of Quezon City which is located at Sauyo Road, Montessori Filipino Child Research Center which is located at Melchor Street, and Our Lady of Montichiari School which is located at Lanete Street among other private schools. The private schools run from those that a commoner can afford to those that are quite expensive.

        There are many public schools in the city. Those who cannot afford private school fees or those who believe in public school education system you are not left out either for these public schools still provide good education to their students. Some of the public schools include, Carlos L Albert High School, Arnesto Rondin High School, Balingasa High school which is located at Junior Aquino Street, Bagong Silangan High School which is located at Villiamor Street, Culiat High School which located at Tandang Sora Avenue. The good thing with this city is the proximity of schools to residential areas. Schools are located within residential areas. Others are located around the central business district because people have different preferences. The schools are also located along highways and major streets within the city therefore it is not hard to access them whether on foot or by cars. For those who use buses, the bus stops are usually near the educational institutions.

        Residential Areas in Quezon
        There are many residential buildings in Quezon. Some of them are near the central business district. It depends on one's tastes and preferences. The homes here run from cheap to highly priced homes. The city's high population led to the need to have more residential buildings.  Some districts of the Quezon City are primarily residential areas.The vicinity which the residential buidings are located at range from quiet environments to noisy environments. The cheaper homes are usually in the highly populated areas therefore there is much noise there. The affluent live in the quiet residential homes. These are highly priced but they are worth it.The Timog area is a commercial-residential area. It is filled with shopping malls and stalls therefore the residents of that area do not have problems about distance to shopping centers. The integration of residential area with offices and work environments is quite Hugh in this city. Some of the residential areas include Eton Centris, Araneta Centre and Eastwood City. These residential areas have luxurious condos integrated with work and play facilities for instance, there are shopping malls, spas, theaters, clubs and restaurants within the vicinity. This is easy for the residents to grab the essential stuff.

        Shopping Centers
        Shopping centers are scattered around the city. Quezon being a former capital of Philippines, it is filled with commercial centers where the residents can buy goods. The shopping centers are located along major streets and they provide exemplary services. There are megamalls within Quezon which give their customers unforgettable experiences. The price of goods and services in these malls vary depending on several factors. There are both enclosed and open air shopping centers in the city. The open air shopping centers offer goods at a much cheaper price than the enclosed shopping centers.  Bargain markets are also available within the city. They also offer goods at a cheaper price. The major shopping malls in the city include Alimall, Farmers Plaza, SM City North EDSA which is the largest mall the Philippines.The shopping centers not only cater for the residents' kitchen need but also cater for other needs too. There are lifestyle malls in the city and they offer more than you can imagine. Spas and boutiques are in plenty.

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        Quezon is much developed in the transport system. This means that means of transportation offer efficient services.  For traveling by land, there are several means of transportation that are available. The taxi offers services to the residents from all corners of the city. They are the most efficient means of transportation. However, they are quite pricy. Getting a taxi in this city is easy. You just have to stand on the walkways and flag down a passing taxi. They are the best means of transportation because they pick and drop off a passenger at their destination centre. Buses also offer transportation services in Quezon and are quite common in this city. The buses offer both commuter and provincial services. Commuter services are transportation services within the city while provincial services are transportation services between cities (intercity services). The bus terminals are not far from the residential areas. The terminals for these two services are located in different locations. Just like in the other cities that make up the Metro Manila, there are bus stops where the buses pick and drop off passengers. There is also the use of jeepneys in Quezon. This is the cheapest means of transportation just like in any other cities of the Philippines. However, jeepney drivers can sometimes be unprofessional because they can drop off passengers before they reach the end of the journey when they see that there are only a few passengers in the jeep. The train is also another means of transportation that offers intercity services. There are two lines that serve residents of Quezon; the LRT Line-2 and the MRT. For air transport, there is no airport serving Quezon but the Ninoy Aquino International Airport

        Places to Work
        Quezon has many job opportunities both for the educated and for those who did not make to go for higher education. It is said that education is the key to success but that is not necessarily how it is. There are restaurants, bars and clubs, malls, shopping centers which offer various jobs etc. For those who are in pursuit of white collar jobs, there are several organizations in the city to work for. There are also banks, educational institutions and other offices within the city.
        For those who seek to work as volunteers, there are non-governmental organizations in Quezon that would be pleased to have you as a volunteer.

        Health Care Centers
        Health is wealth. The expendable services offered by health facilities here are amazingly satisfactory. There are those hospitals you go to and murmur 'ys, I have been attended to'. Now these hospitals are that kind that will leave you feeling perfectly well. Living in Quezon is a wonderful experience. This gracious city is host to internationally recognized health facilities both private and public healthcare facilities. These hospitals are the kind of hospitals you visit and even before you see the doctor you just feel better because of the warm, comforting buildings, peaceful environment and beautiful smiles from the nurses.Quezon medical center and Candelaria Municipal Hospital are just examples of the city's marvelous health care facilities.The health care centers are spread all over the city thus serving the residents as they should, thanks to the sober mind government. Moreover the health centers are not far from residential areas thus in case of emergencies, patients are assured of being attended to before their situations worsen. I bet you are asking yourself about the qualifications of these nurses and doctors, they have undergone thorough evaluation in order to provide quality health services. Let your heart not pound on your chest heavily, relax, you are on safe hands.